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James B. Conant High School

James B. Conant High School opened in 1964 as a freshman, sophomore and junior campus for Schaumburg Township, as a part of Township High School District 211.  Dr. James B. Conant – chemist, educator and author who gave his name to the school was a leading authority on teacher education.  He was instrumental in developing the comprehensive high school system that is used today.

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Mission Statement

As a comprehensive high school with a long standing tradition of academic excellence, the James B. Conant school community is committed to developing lifelong learners who are able to employ critical thinking and problem solving skills in an increasingly diverse global society.


North Central Association

School Report Card

School Report Cards provide information about academic performance and characteristics of students, faculty, instructional resources, and finances at the school, district, and state level.  Prepared by the Illinois State Board of Education, Report Cards contain data received from and about schools at various points throughout the school year.  Typically, School Report Cards are released by the State in October, and according to Illinois School Code, must be made available by a school district to the public by October 31 each year.  No information in the School Report Card can be modified.

Team Name



Blue and white with a touch of scarlet

Cougar Fight Song

Cougars fight for dear old Conant High
For our alma mater cheer.
Fight for Conant High School; never fear
For victory is near.
When the going gets so rough and tough,
We’ll never worry ’cause we got the stuff.
So fight, fight, fight for blue and white
And we’ll go to victory.


Conant High, fight, fight, never die
Stand, cheer, go team, Victory’s near.
Rough, tough, Conant High has the stuff