Prom – Post Prom

May 18, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 12:00 am
Renaissance Hotel
1551 Thoreau Dr N
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Prom: $80 per person / Post Prom: $70.00 per couple or $35.00 for single

Conant Prom 2018 Information Packet

Post Prom
Immediately following Prom on May 18, 2018, Post Prom attendees and chaperones will be transported from Renaissance Schaumburg to the Odyssey via 55-passenger motor coaches, where they will participate in a Moonlight Cruise along the lakefront that will include dancing and socializing. This 2-hour event will also include multiple buffet tables, soda bars, a DJ and dancing and, of course, spectacular views of the city from Lake Michigan.

● Prom is a formal event
o tuxedos/evening gowns are appropriate attire
o no jeans/street wear allowed
● Prom is a drug, alcohol, nicotine and tobacco-free event
o you must be drug, alcohol, tobacco-free in order to enter Prom
o all attendees must remain drug, alcohol, tobacco-free for the duration of the evening
o all outside guests must be and remain drug, alcohol, tobacco-free in order to attend and remain at Prom
● Purchasing a ticket means that you accept and agree to all rules and conditions of the event
o prom is a Conant High School function
o all Conant High School rules will be adhered to throughout the evening
o if you are unable to meet the requirements, your parents will be notified and appropriate action, at the discretion of the administration, will be taken
● Prom is a lock-in event
o once you arrive and check-in, you may NOT leave Prom for ANY reason
o once you leave, you will NOT be allowed to return to Prom
● If you are bringing a date from another school:
o fill out a “Guest Approval” form (available in packet or in the main office)
o make your guest aware of Conant’s rules and regulations
o no tickets will be issued without the “Guest Approval” form
● Prom tickets can be purchased:
o at the Prom Fair on Saturday, April 28th in the Conant cafeteria
o during lunches (3rd-6th period) on Wednesday, May 2nd in the concession stand
o all forms must be filled-out completely; you will not be able to purchase tickets with incomplete forms
o tickets are $80 per person. No refunds
o If you are paying by check and plan on also attending post prom, you will need
TWO CHECKS (one for the prom ticket and one for post prom)

Credit Card Purchase Information
● There is a 4% fee for using a credit card.
(approx. $3.20 per ticket)
● Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express will be accepted
● See post prom information for post prom credit card options
● You must bring the actual credit card to the prom fair in order to use it; there are NO exceptions to this rule due to security issues