One-to-One (iPad) Program

The District’s mission calls on us to equip students with the necessary skills to be successful so that when each student graduates, each will possess the capabilities to compete in and contribute to the changing demands of the world. The One-to-One program has provided the means to transform the teaching and learning environment so that our students have the opportunity to learn the skills needed to succeed in this digital world. Our teachers, with the support of the administration and a robust professional development program, have been able to create an innovative learning environment in order to provide our students with extraordinary opportunities and an exceptional learning program.With this mission in mind, the Board of Education approved the recommendation for full implementation of the One-to-One Program in the fall of 2014, providing an iPad device to every student attending one of the District’s seven schools. The schools will provide a durable case to protect the iPad against drops and other possible damage, and a stylus that will enable them to have the capacity for writing or drawing with a hand-held utensil.

Additionally, the optional iPad insurance program is offered to students and their families through a District self-insurance program. This insurance program protects families from the full cost of the iPad in the case of accidental damage (mostly drops or spills), loss, theft, vandalism, fire, flood and natural disasters. The District’s iPad insurance annual premium for the 2017-18 year school will be at a cost of $25 per individual device. In order for students to received their iPad devices, parents must complete the iPad Agreement & Insurance form, which includes the option to enroll the District’s iPad insurance protection plan.