Science Olympiad team winners

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team for a GREAT job on Saturday!  Conant hosted its first Science Olympiad invitational this Saturday, and all members were instrumental in its success!  The following student were Conant medal winners: Sarah Yamaguchi, Riya Patel, Rishva Patel, Het Pandya, Anushka Shah, Adya Verma, Nirusha Ventakesh, Martin Ferris, Anay Patel, Raahil Shah, Archisha Ghosh, Liz Zhang, Gloria Li, Aiden Mercado, Joseph Lee, Aman Patel, Shria Wadhwa, Sohail Ahmed, Krish Mehta, Jareth Gomes, Adithya Chari, and Ellie Ferris.  They won medals in 16 of 23 events: Disease Detectives, Dynamic Planet, Ecology, Experimental Design, Fermi Questions, Game On, Helicopters, Hovercraft, Mission Possible, Mousetrap Vehicle, Optics, Remote Sensing, Thermodynamics, Towers, and Write It-Do It. Great job everyone!